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About us

Our Data experts design and develop industrial AI-powered solutions and build tailor-made solutions with our clients.

Who are we?


In 2017, business consultants with a passion for data specialize in providing datascience solutions in response to the business issues of the firm's clients. In order to accelerate their clients’ projects, they decide to build a technical platform, that enables them to go faster in the development of PoCs, to foster the use of AI in the company. 

Today, our team is composed of more than 150 high-level data specialists: data scientists, data engineers, web developers, UI UX designers developing our Heka ecosystem in our research centers in Europe and North America.

This ecosystem is the result of nearly 10 years of investment. It hosts numerous AI accelerators, Data Science applications, Data Sets, a Platform as a Service, which, combined with consulting services or independently, provide scalable solutions to its customers. Our solutions are available directly to our clients and are also integrated into Sia Partners' Augmented Consulting offerings. 

Today, our team brings together more than 150 Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Web Developers, UI/UX Designers spread over our 5 Centers of Excellence.