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Our Services

Professional Services & Augmented Consulting

Our partners' network offers a set of professional services to implement our solutions within your ecosystem. They support every stage of the project: need definition, change management, IT and business integration, and project management. This network allows us to cover more than 20 countries.

We rely on our Partners' consultants in more than 20 countries to deploy Heka solutions. They are your main contacts to imagine how our products can meet your needs, transform your business processes and drive change among your teams. The proximity of consultants to Heka solutions is such that our Partners carry out enhanced consulting projects integrating the consultants' business skills and methodology with technological solutions that accelerate their intervention.

Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions by Sia Partners

A team at your service

Our customers have direct access to the support teams hosting and maintaining our solutions in operational conditions. One team dedicated to each solution ensures that any difficulties encountered when using our solutions are taken care of and guarantees the Service Level Agreements that have been signed. 

Our support teams are also a privileged point of contact for our customers when they identify ideas for improving our solutions that can be integrated into the evolution roadmap. Customers of our "SaaS" solutions benefit, as part of their license, from full access to product upgrades.

Our technical platform, scheduler & launcher, APIs

Our hosted services

All of our AI solutions are based on Heka Core, our technical platform, which provides the monitoring and technical management tools necessary for the operation of our solutions.

Heka can be deployed:

  • on Partner clouds (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc.)
  • on our infrastructures

Our teams of data engineers monitor the production and maintenance in operational conditions of the Heka platform and the various solutions in compliance with the Service Level Agreements contracted with our customers: 

  • Average solution availability rate: 99.6%
  • Service availability: 24/7