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Optimize the cost and productivity of cyber risk analysis remediation

Cyber risk analyses are tedious, poorly understood and fraught with bias. Our Cyber Risk Review AI solution provides an internationally recognized framework to frame analyses and kill biases in order to automate the risk treatments while minimizing costs and ensuring action plan monitoring.

Benefits for your risk management teams

Framing and comparison of risk analyses at any scale

Cost-based optimization of target risk levels

Upstream vulnerability detection and downstream action plan monitoring.


C2R Dashboard CISO view

A customized & adaptable dashboard

View cyber risk management at a quick and easy glance:

  • Manage your risk reduction action plans
  • Keep an eye on your budgets
  • Follow the progress of your risk analysis campaigns as a whole
  • Visualize your IS exposure to attacks and regulatory penalties

Visualization of MITRE attacks

An internationally recognized framework

Be framed by international standards to prevent attacks at a global level:

  • Comply with the requirements of the ISO27005 standard
  • Take into account the industrial attacks of the MITRE standard
  • Consider attacks contextualized to your organization with MITRE
  • Stay informed about your software vulnerabilities with the CVE scan

Vision of an AR graph

Organize your analysis in an exhaustive way

View the risk analysis workshops in an exhaustive graph:

  • Stay in control of the 5 automated risk analysis workshops
  • Explore the branches according to their relevance
  • Define the best stakeholders per workshop
  • Keep a global view of your analysis at any time
  • Choose the depth and level of detail of your analysis

View of risk matrices (current, objectives)

Optimize your risk reduction action plan

Choose your risk criteria, the tool optimizes them accordingly:

  • Select the desired likelihoods for each killchain
  • Compare different analyses according to risk objectives and costs
  • Define your favorite action plan
  • Integrate the costs to the action plan and to the Cyber budget


Cyberbot is a complementary tool to help detect vulnerabilities in IT systems. This bot allows:

  • Identification of vulnerabilities based on an IT asset inventory even with poor data quality
  • Enrichment with Severity score and description of vulnerabilities
  • Impact analysis of the vulnerabilities in your business based on the scope, location, type of vulnerability, etc
  • Generation of automatic and real time dashboarding reports
  • Development of customized interface based on the information and flow required
  • SaaS solution hosted and maintained by Sia Partners Teams
  • Time Savings and better risk management
  • Fully customizable solution that companies can manipulate and change based on their own needs
  • Light solution that does not require any agent installation but uses existing inventory databases in-house
  • Low capital investment compared to other vulnerability management solutions

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