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Doc Review

Automate your document review thanks to artificial intelligence

Doc Review automatically identifies, extracts and structures key information contained in your documents: contracts, invoices, briefing notes, etc.

Import your documents, ask questions, get answers

Convert all your documents, whatever their type (contracts, invoices, memos...) and their formats (PDF, Scan, Images, Word ...) into structured and usable text.

Doc Review allows you to easily define the key elements to extract according to your needs (signatory, specific clauses, pricing conditions).

View the results on a clear interface, export them or interface them with your other tools.

With our annotation feature, capitalize on your teams' knowledge for continuous AI improvement.

What benefits for your teams?

Increase your efficiency

  • Automate low-value added tasks
  • Focus your efforts on critical activities
  • Speed up document review

Finaly use all your documents!

  • Increase the number of documents processed
  • Extend your field of analysis to new documents
  • Add value to your unstructured data

Improved data quality

  • Drastically reduce your error rate
  • Improve the quality of your extractions
  • Refine the accuracy of your searches


They trust us

As part of its actuarial activities, Pacifica (Crédit Agricole) receives a significant volume of reporting files containing key indicators.

However, this data is contained in different document formats and in many different forms (tables, numerical values, text fields, etc.) and searching for them can be tedious without the appropriate tools.

With Doc Review, we offer a generic tool for intelligent extraction of key indicators that Pacifica needs to pre-populate a UCITS monitoring file.

Like many multinational companies, L'Oréal's activities generate a significant amount of documents to process, analyze and exploit.

In this context, L'Oréal decided to use Doc Review to manage its entire invoicing management process.

With our AI-enabled solution, we offer a turnkey tool to decrypt, analyze, and classify the information contained in raw invoices in disparate formats into clear, actionable, and scheduled data.

The French Development Agency (AFD) uses Doc Review and its powerful detection capabilities to optimize and expand its databases with critical elements.

Our solution allows this institution to process a larger amount of data from more data sources and based on more varied document structures.

In addition, the user can isolate the most important elements according to his own criteria and this allows AFD to build more solid reports based on the extraction of data.

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