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    Use AI to activate your data

    Data must be used wisely to support decision-making, enable anticipation, and also optimize costs.

    Since HR data is often insufficiently exploited, our joOb AI solutions offer the possibility of unprecedented analyses and correlations.

What tools are available?

  • Job Observatory

    Leverage data from job postings on the Internet, using NLP techniques to analyze labor market trends at skill and job level.

  • Predictive management

    Build and analyze the impact of resource projection scenarios supported by historical developments. These scenarios and projections are a significant lever to adjusting your HR strategy. Get an analysis of internal and external mobility flows and optimize the actions to be implemented to meet your objectives.

  • Mobility

    Identify the most suitable profiles for a job offer or project based on their skills and experience.

  • Talent management

    Evaluate employee profiles to direct them towards the most relevant offers and training. This solution for identifying the reasons for resignation detects employees most at risk of resigning.

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