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Our support tool for the HR function

HR data is not sufficiently utilized. Data Science offers HR managers unprecedented analytical possibilities to support decision-making, anticipate fluctuations and optimize resources.

4 AI modules

AI analyzes online job postings to identify job market trends regarding skills and job offers.

Use AI to anticipate medium- to long-term transformations and the resulting resource requirements. These scenarios and projections are a significant lever to adjust your HR strategy in a timely manner.

AI identifies the most suitable profiles for a job offer or a project according to skills and experience.

AI evaluates employee profiles to direct them to the most relevant offers and training. The resignation identification module detects the employees most at risk of resigning.

What benefits for your teams?

An internal and external benchmark


Take advantage of detailed trend analysis to find out which skills and profiles are sought after in the market and among your competitors.

A visualization of the projected SWP scenarios


Visualize the impact of an SWP scenario implementation on the workforce. Access an analysis of internal and external mobility flows and optimize the actions to implement to meet your objectives.

Career Management & Mobility


Direct your employees to the training and projects that are most relevant to them.

Talent retention


Identify key sources of resignation and implement targeted strategies to maximize team retention.

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