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Heka, The ecosystem of AI solutions By Sia Partners

Who we are

Heka by Sia Partners

Heka is the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners. These solutions inherited from years of development, provide our customers with the industrial tools to address recurring issues to which data science provides a convincing response. Our portfolio addresses various use cases, around 5 ready-to-use solutions. This is just the beginning! Our Research labs are working on PoCs already in the industrialization phase, which will be showcased in the coming weeks. 

Our solutions

Discover our catalog of AI solutions

Leveraging AI to analyze reviews on your points of sale, your products or even through your satisfaction barometers.

Deep Review leverages the reviews left online by your customers to understand the key themes that impact their point of sales experience. The solution also allows you to compare your points of sale with them and with your main competitors.

Strengthen your regulatory compliance.

Reg Review is a complete and integrated platform to address your regulatory issues in a simple and automated way.

Ensure the robustness of your sanctions screening process.

Sanction Challenger enables our clients to test the effectiveness of their Sanctions Screening tool, by automating the creation of test cases and easing the investigation process of those tests, thus enabling to reduce the manual review and reconciliation related to bank filtering requirements.

Improving business prospects with artifical intelligence.

The Corporate Move Prediction solution automates the collection of financial, market, corporate news or business event data to provide a move probability score within 12 to 24 months. It provides the business sales teams with qualified leads.

Our services

Discover the services associated with our solutions

The 27 Sia Partners offices allow us to support our clients in the implementation and use of our solutions all over the world.


Find out what's behind our solutions

Our 4 Research and Development centers in Europe and North America develop the AI solutions in our catalogue, but also imagine and invent the tools of the future.