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We believe that data is a creative force, we develop solutions to turn ideas into opportunities, and aspirations into realities.

A pioneer spirit

  • Independence as a driver

    Our story begins with the creation of Sia Partners, which has always placed data science at the heart of its consulting missions. In 2019, the group's data experts created to build, develop, and maintain our software solutions that integrate AI modules in complete independence.

A unique ecosystem

A true innovation laboratory, constantly attracts new talent with increasingly specialized expertise.  

  • 300

    Data Experts: Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Web Developers, UI/UX Designers, Business Developers

  • 8

    Centers of Excellence in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America

  • 6

    R&D Labs: Computer Vision, Time Series, Data Quality, Operational Research, NLP, Data Marketing CoEs

What we do

  • AI solutions: Inspired by our clients' challenges, our data experts develop SaaS solutions that constantly evolve thanks to our users' feedback and ideas.
  • Professional services: Sia Partners and our other consulting partners offer a set of professional services to facilitate the implementation of our solutions within our clients' ecosystem, from the definition of the need to the management of the change, through the integration with IT and business processes. 

  • Augmented consulting: Sia Partners' business consultants use solutions to increase the impact of their consulting missions. 

Our work environment

We work on a proprietary  DevSecOps ML platform that hosts our solutions, guaranteeing good code practices and the security of our applications.

Automated configuration of the development and production environment and deployment process allows data teams to deploy, execute and scale their models in production.

Heka core
  • Configuration of the database
  • Connection of the execution of the scripts to the log supervision tool
  • Creation of an authentication system
  • Development of the APIs with Flask
  • Design system: front-end templates in React
  • Centralized monitoring and alerting system 24/7
  • Security by design with the implementation of DevSecOps practices, unit tests, code versioning, end-to-end tests, etc.