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  • Smart Deployment

    Geospatial data provides crucial information to determine the ideal location for your future operations. AI can process vast volumes of data to facilitate decision-making about your future facilities.

  • joOb

    HR data is not sufficiently utilized. Data Science offers HR managers unprecedented analytical possibilities to support decision-making, anticipate fluctuations and optimize resources.

  • Energy Platform

    AI optimizes power grid operations: real-time operation, maintenance, load balancing, flexibility, distribution, transmission optimization.

  • C2R

    Cyber risk analyses are tedious, poorly understood and fraught with bias. Our Cyber Risk Review AI solution provides an internationally recognized framework to frame analyses and kill biases in order to automate the risk treatments while minimizing costs and ensuring action plan monitoring.

  • Smart Data Reach

    Use Smart Data Reach's AI-powered matching technology to enrich your data with the vast amounts of open data available on the Internet.