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Our Partners

  • Sia Partners, an Advanced AWS Partner

    Innovation capacity amplified through synergies between ultra-performing cloud services and AWS's cutting-edge AI/ML expertise, along with Sia Partners' business and technical expertise.

    This dynamic combination allows us to exponentially increase our innovation and scalability potential in serving our clients. Our in-depth understanding of business and technical challenges, combined with AWS's cutting-edge technology, positions us as a preferred partner for the creation of innovative solutions that deliver real added value to our clients.
  • 25+ certifications

    Our Data Scientists Our AI experts are trained and certified on AWS technologies to support customers on AWS services: Cloud Partitioner, Solution Architect, and Machine Learning

  • 20+ experiences

    Sia Partners and AWS work together to develop success stories for our clients: image & video analysis; equipment abnormalities & product defects detection; Sales & activity forecast; Electricity demand & generation forecast, etc.

  • 15+ solutions

    We develop AI solutions in the AWS Marketplace & Cloud: Augmented Collaboration; Risk & Compliance; Fraud Detection & Control Improvement; Operational Performance & Quality; Marketing & Commercial Performance; Energy Transition; Human Resources, etc.

Our projects Sia Partners - AWS

  • Stratumn, a SaaS Solution disrupting the Reinsurance market

    With Stratumn by Sia Partners, our multi-partner reinsurance processes are better streamlined and traced. Confidence is enhanced though a pragmatic and flexible approach. Our processes are simply auditable and continuously improving, thanks to monitoring Philippe DIAZ  Head of Group Ceded Reinsurance Operations, AXA SA 
  • Veolia, a long-term consulting partnership in Energy, Waste & Utilities

    I worked directly with multiple SIA consultants both in my team and as manager / lead colleagues. They are very competent and have a good balance of technical and project management skills. They are confortable when working with Cloud based technical environments. Francisco CARNEIRO,  Lead Data Engineer Veolia 
  • Energy Platform, a cutting-edge forecasting software delivering accurate predictions of both demand and generation
    SP EnergyNetworks has a very positive and productive working relationship with Sia Partners evidenced by a number of initiatives where their data science expertise has been invaluable. Sia Partners have always delivered on their commitments on time and on budget often going beyond the design brief due to offering enhanced options not first realised. Sia Partners have a unique understanding of SP ENergy Networks and their operational practises which has allowed them to leverage this knowledge and understanding in the applications we have have developed in a collaborative manner. I would have no hesitation recommending Sia Partners to other organisations. Grant McBeath General Manager Customer Delivery North, SP Energy Networks 
  • Veolia, an innovative approach to Utilities management

    Our business relationship with SIA Partners is going very well: 
    • The services provided are of high quality, both in terms of content and presentation. The consultants offered are of a very high standard. 
    • Relationship-building is emphasized. 
    • SIA leverages its full range of expertise. 
    • The sales support is effective. 
    • SIA often comes up with innovative proposals.
    Alexandre Yacoub  Head of Production Coordination department and ServO, Veolia 
  • SP EnergyNetworks, disrupting Energy Distribution
    Extremely efficient with excellent project management. They were instrumental in helping SP EnergyNetworks design and deliver our PRAE web platform which is now used across the company.  Jonathan Fox,  SP EnergyNetworks 

Our partners offer a range of professional services to facilitate the implementation of solutions within your ecosystem, from requirements definition to change management and integration with IT and business processes. partners

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