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Leverage computer vision and satellite imagery to detect illegal car breakages


Fight against illegal car breakage proliferation 


Have an overview of car breakage spread in any area

With which tools?

  • With automated data collection and consolidation

    Thanks to several data sources contain information about car breakages, such as the french SIREN database. We regularly use those data sources to obtain GPS coordinates of the reported car breakages. Then, we download the corresponding Google Maps tiles and use them to train our models with accurate data.

  • With state of the art detection models

    Thanks to the use of state of the art detection models like YOLOv5 or EfficientDet to compute our results, as well as ensembling methods to further improve our results.

  • With ergonomic platform to showcase results and take actions

    Thanks to our computer vision platform provides an ergonomic map where all detections are displayed with bounding boxes. The user can see the objects he wants to detect, filter the results through a confidence threshold and also download the relevant data in csv format.

HAVE A LOOK AT Car Breakage

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