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The average frequency with which companies move is 3 to 5 years. Take advantage of this strategic event! We feed your sales teams qualified leads by calculating the probability of your prospects moving.


    AI for sales targeting

    You define your prospecting perimeter to analyze and follow your target prospects.

    You define your prospecting perimeter: 
    • Geographical,
    • Activity sector,
    • Size,
    • Seniority etc.
  • Anticipate and target

    Our solution provides all the relevant information on your targeted companies in order to optimize your commercial approach

    Screen CMP 2
    • Probability of relocation
    • Financial and economic performance
    • Sector of activity
    • Workforce
    • Managers
    • Seniority of the establishment
    • History of SIRETs
    • Contact details of prospects etc.

What our customers appreciate:

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    Pre-qualified leads

    Pre-qualified leads with 2x the chance of moving in the short term

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    Improved results

    A 95%* increase in sales

    ( *Average figure observed with our customers )

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    Improved efficiency

    Division of time dedicated to prospecting by 5*.

    ( *Average figure observed with our customers )

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