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Corporate Move Prediction
AI in the service of commercial targeting

The average frequency with which companies move is 3-5 years.
Our AI solution allows you to take advantage of this strategic event, by calculating the probability of your prospects moving, allowing you to feed your sales teams with qualified leads.

An end-to-end framework for sanctions filtering tools audit

Define your prospecting perimeter (geography, business sector, etc.) to analyze and track your target prospects.

- Search engine with filters

- Distribution of leads according to different analysis axes

- A detailed table of the establishments concerned

Get all relevant information about your target companies to prepare your sales approach.

- The probability of moving your lead calculated by our scoring model

- The ranking of your lead in your CRM database

- Detailed information on the company (sector of activity, workforce, managers, length of service, SIRET history)

- Precise contact information for the company, including email addresses

Use graphs showing the evolution of major financial indicators (sales, results, employees) to better understand the recent context of your target companies. Use this contextual information to build your sales pitch as part of your prospecting process.

Get all relevant information about your target companies to prepare your sales approach.

The details of your leads, their moving score (calculated via the turnover, results, staff, length of lease, etc. . ) their classification and the history of commercial actions

- Rules for assigning leads to your teams (activity and geographic perimeter, minimum score threshold, number of leads per consultant, treatment of leads already investigated, etc.)

- Personalization of the number of employees and perimeters of your teams for a personalized and updated assignment

Benefits for your team

Prospecting less

Division of time dedicated to prospecting by 5*.


Average figure observed with our clients

Qualified lead

Pre-qualified leads with 2x the chance of moving in the short term

Generate more revenue

A 95%* increase in sales


Average turnover observed with our customers

Our clients

Facility management player

Identification and scoring of high-quality leads for a defined geographic and sectorial scope.

For a Commercial Real Estate Broker

On premise solution including an advanced probability scoring model and fully automated leads distribution engine.

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