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Leverage AI to optimize your Processes

Our OptiWise solution offers a set of optimization technologies that we combine with our consultants’ sector expertise, to build decision support tools that meet our clients’ operational and strategic needs.

Stock management, allocation of human and financial resources, management of raw materials and energy are all major challenges for our customers. Optimization provides a range of technical answers to these challenges and many others. Our OptiWise solution articulates a set of optimization technologies that we combine with the sector expertise of our consultants to quickly build decision support tools that meet the operational and strategic needs of our customers.

A ready-to-use AI solution

Resulting from a combination of technical and commercial know-how, Optiwise aims to gather all of our optimization tools and expertise in a dedicated toolbox. We have already implemented two generic models, which are available in the Optiwise toolbox: 

  • a Multi-flow model to optimize the structure of a network;
  • a Routing model to optimize the route of a fleet of vehicles which has to deliver to several set locations. 

Our solution contains features which can: 

  • Configure the optimization problem and take into account the specific context; 
  • Set-up and launch the optimization models; 
  • Visualize the optimization outputs; 
  • Lead deeper analysis & studies.

Our Optimization Capabilities Support our AI Solution

Optimization and AI

Deep Functional Knowledge

We rely on our consultants’ expertise to effectively tackle business issues in our Operations Research projects. 

Our Business Experts team will:

  • Upstream: Intervene in the introduction phase to understand your optimization needs, the metrics to use, the inputs and constraints to take into account for the adaptation of OptiWise to your situation;
  • Downstream: Lead a deep business analysis that responds to your needs, in order to validate the added value of the solution.

Strong Expertise in Artificial Intelligence


Our expert teams in operations research have a strong expertise and knowledge of optimization algorithms & technologies. This enables them to adapt these levers to your specific situation in order to build powerful decision-making tools. Working hand in hand with our Business Experts, they will translate the business optimization problem into mathematical modeling and collect the internal & external data to optimize your processes.


Optimizing the Supply Chain from Warehouse to Store: an OptiWise Use Case

Retail Optimization with OptiWise

Within OptiWise, we developed a specific interface dedicated to a specific use case: optimization of the retailer's delivery process. This solution is dedicated to retailers and aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence to Model, Optimize and Analyze your delivery process. Our experts combine business expertise with our AI accelerators to guide you through the entire optimization process.

AI in Retail

We deployed OptiWise to optimize the delivery process - from warehouse to store - of a major Retail Player with a network of more than 2,000 stores, 15 warehouses, 120 vehicules and 3,000 pallets to be delivered daily. We sucessfully accomplished our mission by enabling our client to optimize their delivery schedule by 5 minutes, resulting in an overall cost reduction of up to 25% and a fill rate that now reaches 90%.

OptiWise deployement

Step one: Configure your own supply chain scheme


  • Distribution Network: Warehouses, distribution centers, stores;
  • Product Families: Dry, frozen, fresh products... ;
  • Vehicle Fleet: Type of vehicles available in your delivery fleet.

Step two: Configure Optimization scenarios

  • Demand: How many dry, fresh and frozen products need to be delivered to each store? 
  • Business Constraints: Maximum distance between a warehouse and a store, work timetable of delivery drivers, opening times of warehouses & stores...
  • Vehicle Supply: How many vehicles of each type are available in each warehouse? 
  • Optimization Criteria: Minimize distances / durations / the CO2 footprint of the delivery process.

Step three: Run & analyse AI Optimization scenarios

  • Network Optimization: Which warehouses deliver to which stores, by way of which distribution centers? 
  • Vehicle Route optimization: Optimal and detailed planning of each vehicle of the delivery process: stores, quantity, order. 


Moreover, the two models recover global and detailed indicators about the performance of the delivery process: costs, durations, distances, filling rates, CO2 emissions…


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