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Our Reg Review AI solution allows your compliance teams to deal with regulatory inflation, increased technicality, increased controls from regulators, and even take into account local specificities.


    Eliminate manual processing

    Collect and configure all regulatory sources relevant to your business.

    Our AI algorithms perform an automated analysis of documents to extract essential information (subject, regulation, summary, relevant stakeholders, etc.) 
  • Coordinate all compliance tasks within a single platform

    A complete audit trail lists all analyses and processes performed on each regulation.

    Screen RR
    A single process management platform (BPM) to manage the communication of each document to the relevant people and teams, the tracking of processing actions, the assignment, validation of tasks and analyses, etc.

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Gain productivity and serenity

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    Gain productivity and serenity

    Freeup time for your teams to focus on high-value-added analysis and enforcement tasks.

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    Enhanced collaboration

    Increase collaboration within your teams by centralizing task tracking within a single platform.

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    Better monitoring

    Always be on top of information. No regulation goes unnoticed, and all actions are tracked and stored within the same tool.

They trust us

  • Major asian bank

    Reg Review enabled the improvement of a major Asian bank Central Compliance Team's efficiency in the handling of regulatory updates. Reg review was used to automate and implement a regulatory update/change process and system to achieve more efficiencies, accurately track deadlines and action items, and improve the audit trails.

  • Financial institution

    Every bank Central Compliance Team handles around 2000+ circulars from regulators every year. Current handling process is manual and is considered as inefficient, on both communication and record keeping. Reg Review was implemented to automate the regulatory circular management process by implementing AI combined with a workflow system to optimize the current process as well as to enhance tracking and management reporting would increase the efficiency.

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