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Via a simple prompt interface, SiaGPT allows you to extract relevant information and generate unique content (insights, comparison…) based on your selection of a vast number of internal or external documents within your secure environment.


    Key Benefits

    Search only the documents you choose to upload

    Use capabilities from multiple LLMs in multiple languages

    SiaGPT interface desktop
    Start chatting with SiaGPT instantly No model training required Challenge the responses by tracking precisely the sources Rely on a secure solution accessible in SaaS or in your cloud
  • Main features

    Upload your documents / connect to your database and share your project internally

    Manage, extract and compare information from the documents uploaded

    SiaGPT interface desktop
    Chat with SiaGPT using the prompt to ask questions Generate insights and comparative results Trace the information by accessing the precise sources of the answers provided by SiaGPT in one click

  • Increase productivity in data collection and reporting

    Find information quickly within numerous documents

  • Develop an easy first use case for Generative AI

    Streamline the management of your supplier contracts

  • Compare your metrics against peers or competitors

    Summarise large volumes of information


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