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Smart Deployment

Smart Deployment: AI analyzes geospatial data sets to determine the most suitable land for your infrastructure installation.

Geospatial data provides crucial information to determine the ideal location for your future operations. AI can process vast volumes of data to facilitate decision-making about your future facilities.

Advanced functionalities

Using geospatial data, AI determines supply and demand scores according to the rules you defined.

Add constraints to refine the optimal configuration of your development projects.

What benefits for your teams?

Unlimited data sources for decision making


Identify in real time the most favourable areas for your implementation projects from multiple data sources.

Algos for efficiency


Narrow the search area for potential sites.

Enriched data


Exploit the potential of all the data sources at your disposal: satellite images, information on electrical networks, gas networks, road traffic, parking areas, etc.

Leverage the expertise of your business teams


Use feedback from your Business teams to improve Smart Deployment performance.

They trust us

Smart Deployment modules have helped optimize the implementation of electric vehicle charging devices.

One company went from 7,400 potential locations to about 250 target locations in Belgium (-96.6%) and 8,726 to 250 in Quebec City (-97.1%).

The reduction of manual work for teams allows them to focus on higher value-added tasks!

Our client (a construction actor) uses satellite imagery and the visualization module (traffic networks, parking spaces, electrical networks, gas pipes, etc.) to analyze its environment and explore the data at the finest scale to optimize its activity.

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