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Leveraging AI to master your Market Intelligence


Automatically collect news from various sources


Analyze key informations with the help of AI  


Transform market data into business insights

With which tools?

  • With a user-friendly newsfeed

    Thanks to its powerful search tools and filters retrieve easily historical and present information on any subject.

  • With news enrichment

    Thanks to our customizable no code AI, automatically categorise the news based on your custom topics (e.g. type of articles).

  • With a pre-selection of the crucial elements

    Thanks to this analysis, key information is automatically highlighted in the news to improve the efficiency of your market intelligence process.

  • With an automated thematic newsletter

    Thanks to our AI, send personalised newsletters based on selected sources, topics and impacted parties. Receive notifications to be alerted on critical news.

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Our publications


Synthetic data or how to share sensitive data…

For a period of six months, 5 students from Centrale Supélec and ESSEC worked collaboratively with Sia Partners on building a Python library to create fake - which we'll call synthetic - data.
But what's the point of creating fake data? How could it help organizations?


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Introduction to OpenStreetMap: How to leverage…

In this article, we explore the use of OpenStreetMap for extracting geospatial data and implementing an approach to enhance the overall data quality. We delve into the key steps of data extraction including selecting the area of interest, data collection, cleaning, and preparing data for future use.


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Customer churn prediction with Data Science

Thanks to Machine Learning, companies can significantly improve their activities by leveraging their data. Machine Learning is a field of study of artificial intelligence that gives an AI the ability to "learn" from data.


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