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We offer energy price tracking and forecasting tools to assist energy suppliers and regulators in setting up their pricing policies.

Enrich and optimize the electricity pricing process

We support a significant electricity supplier with a solution to optimize the pricing of its electricity offering portfolio (mass market and business market). This solution allows them to improve the pricing process thanks to better traceability and greater flexibility in combining the foundations necessary to build a grid. From taking into account the trajectory to the aggregation of sourcing and then risk stacking, the tool allows control of the entire costing chain. All pricing analysts can use it. It considers the risks associated with price and consumption volatility using deterministic and probabilistic approaches. Its modularity allows analysts to simulate different parameters to interpret better and optimize costing. In addition, it automatically delivers results in various formats: Excel, web page, dashboard, which facilitates communication with business teams. Developed and deployed since 2019, it has been handy in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and high price volatility. It has enabled better control and accurate analysis of impacts.

Provide ADEME with a tailor-made tool

In 2020, we designed a tool to build medium and long-term scenarios of retail prices for a wide range of energies (electricity, natural gas, domestic fuel oil, LPG, wood-energy, etc...). ADEME wanted to have a solution that would allow them to homogenize evaluation practices and business plan recommendations in energy projects (energy renovation projects, installation of a renewable energy plant, etc.), particularly in calculations related to the Leveraged Cost of Energy (LCOE). It relies on our "Energy Price Forecast" solution, which allows us to build stochastic scenarios of Spot, Month, Quarter, and Year price evolution, based on EEX and EpexSpot price history and a certain number of volatility parameters.


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