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By relying on various AI technologies and different geographical and socio-economic data repositories, supports public organizations in managing their territorial policies with decision support tools and interactive web interfaces.

Study of regional implatation for new businesses

We accompanied a public operator carrying out economic and sectoral studies. The mission's objective was to develop a tool to help companies get set up in the region. To maximize success, they use data describing the region, its population, and its competitive intensity. provided the organization's advisors with a tool to analyze a location project by consolidating relevant data and analyzing the territory.

  • Development of predictive models for potential company set up and the probability of success (survival at 3 and 5 years), according to the establishment's profile, activity, and envisaged area.

  • Development of an ergonomic interactive web interface providing advisors with indicators to guide project leaders.

  • Realization of automated implementation studies in less than 5 minutes (vs. two days previously) with 80% performance on survival prediction.

Monitoring population mobility trends

We accompanied a public operator in charge of statistics and stated economic studies to explore AI use cases. The objective of our mission was to produce statistics on population mobility using data from phone masts and Data Science techniques. In addition to this support, we conducted a dozen training sessions on Data Science for the entire institute, adapted to their context.

  • Exploration of available telephony demarcation data (CDR).

  • Identification of relevant use cases.

  • Valuation of telephone data using statistical analysis to define statistical and business indicators that can be easily interpreted and verified.

Our publications

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