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Activate the right levers at the right time to increase your sales

We develop solutions to define strategies to optimize your sales and monitor them by influencing the various decision-making levers at the point of sale:
  • The price
  • The selection
  • The sales force

Automate price tracking for a luxury perfume company

Using our Competitive Watch solution, we set up a system to monitor the evolution of prices charged by online retailers for the brand's products and those of its competitors. This price collection is automated at a regular frequency (several times a day) on a significant number of products. Our solution allows the client to maintain this price collection over time and automatically identify substantial deviations.

Optimize the location of new artisans in regional territory

We are assisting a regional chamber of craftspeople in constructing a tool to help advisors in their location studies based on our location optimization solution. This tool consolidates relevant data and presents the optimal territory to maximize the chances of success for craftspeople over time.

AI solutions for smart sales

Our publications


Customer churn prediction with Data Science

Thanks to Machine Learning, companies can significantly improve their activities by leveraging their data. Machine Learning is a field of study of artificial intelligence that gives an AI the ability to "learn" from data.


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Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Anomaly Detection is becoming ubiquitous throughout all industries as one of the most important data science use cases to address.
An anomaly, or outlier, can be defined as a point that does not fit the pattern of the rest of the data or expected results. While there are many different origins to an


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Understanding the customer purchase journey with…

Analyzing customer journeys, especially purchase journeys, is an essential step in marketing analytics to understand how customers perceive and interact with a brand's products and services.


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