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Sanction Challenger
Ensure the robustness of your sanctions screening process

Penalties for non-compliance with financial sanctions can reach $400 million in fines. Our AI solution eliminates uncertainty around sanctions monitoring by automating the creation of test cases, facilitating the research process, and allowing you to test the effectiveness of screening tools

An end-to-end solution for the auditing of sanctions filtering tools

The tool relies on the main sanctions lists (USA, EU, UN), which are retrieved and historized daily, to generate test cases based on name variations (typos, missing letters, case, spelling errors,)

- Flexible configuration (variation complexity, lists considered, evaluation date, name distance metrics)

- Fully configurable outputs (excel or SWIFT messages)

- Distance function: calculate similarity

Conclude the audit of your sanction screening module by analyzing the delta between the expected results of the sanction screening tool and the actual results:

- Sanction Challenger automatically generates a report outlining potential false positives and negatives, indicating the types of variations that the sanction screening tool struggles to detect, and suggesting guidelines to implement.

- Generate a report with top 5 recommendations to implement


The tool is complemented by a ToolBox to take the analysis further, with the ability for teams to review and understand the results.

Our search engine mimics the behavior of a penalty filtering tool to manually test entries, and our name distance calculator breaks down how names are processed by different algorithms to generate alerts.

We are convinced that involving the entire company is a key success factor in a data quality approach

Promote synergy between the different teams for your projects thanks to a collaborative environment. Choose the relevant stakeholders to intervene on your projects.

Benefits for your compliance team

Increase productivity and save timE


Generate thousands of test cases in a few clicks

Automate 90% of tasks related to sanctions screening auditing

Be exhaustive

All major US & International sanctions list are covered

Historization of the sanctions list to perform point-in-time analysis and review passed periods

Centralization & Audit Trail:

Centralize processing and reports to create an audit trail

Immediate understanding of the alerts generated

Centralization of similar alerts

Classification of alerts by order of importance

Our clients

Client in the Banking sector in the US

Validation/testing of Sanctions Systems in order to be in compliance with NYDFS 504 regulation, leveraging on the Sanction Challenger solution.

Client in the Banking sector in the US

Sanction Challenger solution is used as part of Internal Audit testing on eGIFTS Sanction Filtering Module, and a detailed assessment of the fuzzy logic algorithm.

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