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Define a long-term and sustainable strategy concerning climate change

One of the ecological and energy transition challenges is to help companies adapt their production processes to future developments, particularly climate change, through future scenarios. We support GRTgaz RICE with a prospective solution for simulating peak electricity and gas consumption in Europe. This tool allows them to estimate the hourly consumption of electricity, and daily consumption of gas and hydrogen up to the year 2050 for each EU28 country, according to future scenarios considering the IPCC RCP. The weather scenarios have an essential impact on peak consumption due to the thermo-sensitive effect of some uses. For this part, our Weather & Climate solution has been used to group the 200 Météo France scenarios from projection to 2050 with the IPCC 2.5 4.5, and 8.5 scenarios.

Integrate carbon constraints in the optimization of vehicle routes

To limit CO2 emissions, regulatory authorities have imposed various constraints such as financial restrictions on carbon use. Therefore, the definition of an optimal strategy must take into account the carbon constraints. Our OptiWise solution solves this problem by optimizing vehicle routes to minimize CO2 emissions.

More generally, Operations Research (OR) is particularly well suited to justifying the constituent elements of a system (flows, processes, etc.) and makes it possible to highlight the individual contribution of each component to the final result. Unlike Machine Learning, which provides results based on analytical or reasoning modes, "all things being equal," OR allows us to respond to many of the challenges of the energy transition

Facilitate the realization and appropriation of a greenhouse gas assessment thanks to Data Science

We use our AI solutions to perform BGES which can be a tedious exercise. 

  • Data collection requires the study of numerous invoices in various formats (PDF, handwritten, etc...). Thanks to our Doc Review solution, which relies on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing algorithms, we can easily retrieve all relevant information from the invoices.  

  • Share the results of the BGES thanks to DataViz for a better appropriation of the balance sheet results. Coupled with other simulation tools, DataViz is a powerful vector for understanding the impacts that various possible actions could have at the individual or collective level. This is the philosophy behind our Carbon Footprint solution. We used it to create the BGES for our consulting partner, Sia Partners. Thanks to interactive tabs, employees can understand the main emission items and identify the most relevant levers to reduce their emissions.

AI solutions for climate & carbon

Our publications


French energy companies and digital transformation

Big Data, Smart Factory, Cloud... the advent of new digital technologies is perceived by companies as a source of competitive advantages, especially in sectors requiring operational asset management such as energy.


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Ano detection

Detection and interpretation of outliers thanks…

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying irregular patterns in data. Its use is widespread, from fraud detection to predictive maintenance or churn detection. As a result, a whole branch of machine learning algorithms has been developed around these topics.


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Boosting search engine capabilities of RegReview:…

RegReview is an AI solution for compliance teams, to automate regulatory monitoring and processes, which brings together several tools, the most essential of which is a search engine operating on a compiled database of custom-built regulatory sources.

The database contains ~300k documents.


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