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Reinventing your workforce and skills management

We develop solutions that allow you to approach skills and workforce management innovatively with a reduced time to market by hybridizing technological tools and business skills.

Prospective analysis of the job market for a critical player in the energy sector

We developed an automated solution for analyzing the job market for our clients. The objective is to monitor the skills and professions sought by our client's competitors. Thanks to NLP and artificial intelligence technologies, we automate the monitoring phase. This allows us to retrieve a significant amount of job offers available online. Thus, we can respond quickly to our client's needs while providing a qualitative analysis of the results

AI solutions for labor market

Our publications


Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Anomaly Detection is becoming ubiquitous throughout all industries as one of the most important data science use cases to address.
An anomaly, or outlier, can be defined as a point that does not fit the pattern of the rest of the data or expected results. While there are many different origins to an


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A step further with DocReview, our AI solution…

DocReview, one of Sia Partners' AI solutions, automatically reads thousands of documents of any format (pdf, scan, etc.) and extracts the key information they contain.


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Open data in France, an opportunity for fine…

While AIs continue to break new records, a quieter revolution is taking shape in the Big Data sphere: the open data revolution.


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