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A team of people passionate about NLP challenges and technologies's center of expertise on TALN and NLP topics

The team relies on proprietary textual data sets to create Python packages that include the approaches selected by the use case. The missions of the Lab: 
  • Technology monitoring
  • Centralization and diffusion of NLP expertise within our team
  • Benchmark and development of new approaches to major NLP use cases

Our AI solutions based on NLP

Our publications


A step further with DocReview, our AI solution…

DocReview, one of Sia Partners' AI solutions, automatically reads thousands of documents of any format (pdf, scan, etc.) and extracts the key information they contain.


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Open data in France, an opportunity for fine…

While AIs continue to break new records, a quieter revolution is taking shape in the Big Data sphere: the open data revolution.


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AI to automate regulatory analysis

Analysis of regulatory texts using a Pattern Recognition method in Python


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