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  • Energy Platform

    AI optimizes power grid operations: real-time operation, maintenance, load balancing, flexibility, distribution, transmission optimization.

  • Deep Review

    The increasing number of online customer reviews about the point of sale and brands, more generally, is a goldmine for analyzing the customer experience.
    Our AI solution, Deep Review, automates the centralization of customer feedback, as well as its analysis and comparison with the competition.

  • Doc Review

    Doc Review automatically identifies, extracts and structures key information contained in your documents: contracts, invoices, briefing notes, etc.

  • Smart Deployment

    Geospatial data provides crucial information to determine the ideal location for your future operations. AI can process these vast volumes of data to fuel decision-making about your future facilities.

  • JOOB

    The HR data collected is insufficiently exploited.
    Data Science offers HR managers unprecedented analytical possibilities
    to support decision-making, anticipate fluctuations and optimize resources.